What does TikTok’s first-ever UK TV ad tell about the app?

TikTok debuted its first-ever UK TV ad this week, where the app is described as “somewhere colorful, home-made and joy-filled”. The ad aims to position TikTok as an entertainment app, where users would find joy and amusement. How well does the ad reflect the reality of the app? And, what does it tell us about TikTok’s growth strategy?

The Rise of TikTok with Covid-19 Lockdowns

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The ad’s punchline, “A Little Brighter Inside” is meant to refer to the lockdown, from which TikTok benefited hugely by acquiring a lot of new users. The interest in the app grew substantially with the onset of the UK lockdown. Take a look at the screenshot taken of a graph on Google Trends, showing the leap in the interest in the keyword, “tiktok”, coinciding with the start of UK lockdown in March.

The Happier Place

Tom Daley in TikTok TV advert

TikTok positions the app as a happy place, a place where users would find joy and happiness. It’s not a coincidence that the app saw a huge growth in popularity during the lockdown. People used the app to fill in their extra leisurely time, looking for easy entertainment while escaping from the actual world’s problems.

This approach distinguishes TikTok from its main competitor, Instagram. Instagram’s context is focused on self-promotion and trendsetting, whereas TikTok is a place solely for self-expression and entertainment.

Come to talk about self-expression, the ad also deems the app as a place where “cats dance like no other cats are watching“. TikTok aims to position the app where everyone can feel free to express themselves without the fear of judging from others.

Increasing Engagement Through Remaking and Reacting

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Another interesting bit about the ad is that it also promotes “remaking” and “reacting” in the app. This goes hand in hand with the trend culture inside the app. Many users go engage with each other by “remaking” other videos’ using the same soundtrack, or posting reaction videos or even duets. It is clear that the app wants to promote this behavior, and thereby increasing the engagement.

The ad also featured a popular TikTok creator, Granddad Joe (@granddadjoe), and as well as other clips where youngsters are dancing with their parents. The app seems to be aiming to keep up the momentum of interest coming from older generations, breaking the notion that TikTok is only for Gen-Z’ers.


TikTok wants to keep up the momentum gained during the lockdown. They are looking to achieve this by promoting the engagement from older generations. The app also wants to further distinguish itself as a platform for social entertainment.

Watch the advert itself below: